Here we go…


Illustration from 1915. What has changed?

As an avowed federalist, a tried and true loyal Canadian who served in the Army voluntarily in Canada and abroad for over 25 years, never did I think I would become that most loathsome of creatures, a separatist !

I was also a card carrying Liberal for most of my life. Exposed to Liberal policies during my service and life in the west from Trudeau to Chretien, my views changed. I lived in Calgary during the NEP, it was horrible. How could a Prime Minister do this to his own people and then give them the finger? By the time the Chretien Sponsorship Scandal broke I’d more than had enough. I became a Conservative and a member of the Canadian Alliance.

I’ve watched the elites of Liberal eastern Canada drain the resources of the west and give pittance back. I wondered why low-cost daycare and social services including low tuitions available in Quebec was not in Prince George or Edson or Edmonton, Vancouver, Regina….or anywhere in the west. I watched as we were called knuckle dragging rednecks, treated as if we were not competent enough to manage our own futures. We complained and were treated to rolling back eyes and disgust. How dare we question how the fruits of our labours were spent and by who?

We tried to participate in Canada with the election of Stephen Harper. His election was more of a reaction to enormous Liberal scandals than an acceptance of Conservatives and Harper. Harper governed because he was allowed to govern while the Liberals rebuilt. Evidence of which is ample as can be seen by the constant barrage of negative media attacks and whenever the media couldn’t find anything else to run with they would fabricate scandals. The eastern elites were determined to bring back the good old days of left wing Liberal rule. It took a steady pressure, Harper could not be seen as being anything positive for Canada and as a westerner he wasn’t really a Canadian, just a stop gap. But now the Liberals are back. Another Trudeau is at the helm and the rape of the west is renewed.

I became a separatist. This cannot be allowed to continue. Not again, not another NEP!

I have become active as an online promoter of western independence. My first step, albeit a small one, is to refer to western Canada with a capitalized  spelling, the West. I had an exchange with a nationalist friend who looks at Western independence as being an ill-conceived thing. She says BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan wouldn’t make it without Canada and the status quo. I had to educate her but I doubt I will change any minds in that set. I said…

” It would be Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC and probably the Yukon and Territories. And it would not be an overnight matter, everything from passports to pensions to traffic laws would have to be negotiated. But, in the end, the West would break free of having its fortunes decided by the east with no recourse but to be milked dry and told to shut up. This has been going on for over 100 years and is still ongoing, examples abound.

Anyone who discounts this as being the shrill yelling of disenchanted rednecks, take note, at the time of writing, the FaceBook page for Western Independence now has over 21 thousand members and is growing by about 100 or more per week. A national party has recently formed called the Northern Alliance to give a federal presence. The same phenomena that gave rise to Trump in the United States, is happening in Western Canada. People are fed up. Fort MacMurray burns down and Trudeau tells us it could be worse then puts a surcharge on drywall needed to rebuild, a surcharge only applicable to the west. Meanwhile, he spends millions bringing in Syrians and sends billions abroad to help them fight climate change. The west coast is blocked from use as a route to get Alberta oil to outside markets which would generate tens of billions in revenue and massive employment opportunities, using the pretense of a potential tanker spill even though there hasn’t been such a spill since the Exxon Valdez in 1989, all tankers are required by law to be double hulled and such restrictions are not applicable on the east coast where Saudi tankers regularly skirt the coastline, why? Isn’t the eastern coastline as sensitive an ecosystem as the west coast? Our attempts to get our natural resources are rejected out of hand by Quebec and that’s just fine, even while the west loses nearly 150 thousand jobs in Alberta alone! But Bombardier might lay off 2300 and it’s all hands man the pumps!

I could go on and on and on because it’s been going on for 100+ years! The west is tired of it all. Too bad for the Maritimes but they did pretty well overwhelmingly vote Liberal for quite some time now so they would maintain the status quo.

It’s time to admit that this is a dysfunctional family where select children are abused by parents, an example of national Munchausen by Proxy. The time has come to amicably go our own ways while remaining friends that share a common history, maybe do lunch every now and then. Respect one another and move on.”

It’s time. Free the West.

2 thoughts on “Here we go…

  1. Nice read. Wexit is a possiblity but unlikley. Too many issues at odds.
    More likley Alberta can use pipelines..carbon tax..Trudeau sucessfully but none of those will move enough BCERS to vote secession.
    More likley if Alberta manages BC would follow independently.
    The press won’t be on the side of secession and like any movement that challanges the establishment expect the media machine to run it over.
    I’ve suggested using live FB allowing for inclusiveness and online questions. I’m sure many well known figures would appear to discuss secession and more importantly the policies that would make it a sucess. Objections should be welcome to tweak policy to pit the west first and not politics.. partisanship is a wexit killer.
    The masses are ready for serious change.. Occupy Brexit Sanders Trump. .it’s out there waiting for change.
    Thanks for putting in the time.
    Robert Smith
    Chilliwack BC
    This was a sucess till canada took a key role in setting up the Afghan government. Now there are more palaces around Kabul than Paris.

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