Canada at 150

Today Canada celebrated its 150th birthday. And of course the celebrations were best in Ottawa. Out west, it gives us reason to pause and take stock of our place in this country that is taking the road to a society that values immigrants that may or may not be here legally and hold cultures radically different to what has grown in Canada over the past 150 years.

I, for one, am ever more convinced that this country is becoming more and more a failed experiment where citizens have to be told why they are proud and the penalties for not complying with the governmental dictates of what makes a “good” Canadian.

Often, I am asked, “Why separate? Why is the west so upset?”

Well, at our 150th Canada Day here are 50 reasons for the West to be amicably parting ways. Not in any particular order although it might appear to be…


  1. Pierre Elliot Trudeau
  2. N.E.P.
  3. Justin Trudeau
  4. Low political representation
  5. Politicians pandering to the east
  6. Equalization
  7. Taxation without adequate representation
  8. Undue attention to Quebec at the West’s expense
  9. Isolated from the seat of power in Ottawa
  10. Geographic difficulties for travel
  11. Forced Multiculturalism
  12. Official languages
  13. Gun Registry and excessive control
  14. Protection of the guilty over the victim
  15. M-103
  16. C-6
  17. Triple E Senate / Senate reform
  18. Creeping Shariah
  19. Socialism
  20. Open hostility to Alberta Oil
  21. Lack of support in emergencies
  22. Clarity Act
  23. Westerners treated as hicks and knuckle draggers
  24. Canadian Constitution favours Quebec
  25. Uncontrolled immigration from Islamic countries
  26. Quiet Western majority want it
  27. Tired of eastern platitudes
  28. Western trade policies dictated by the east
  29. No property rights
  30. Separation of executive powers to end Prime Ministerial dictatorship
  31. Desire for an Elected and accountable Judiciary
  32. Equality and treatment of all people
  33. Lack of recall legislation
  34. Term limits
  35. Carbon Tax cash grab
  36. Concern for our children
  37. Biased media
  38. Outside interference in internal affairs
  39. Ideological split between east and west
  40. Votes west of Manitoba Ontario border meaningless
  41. Blockading our products from international markets
  42. Medical controlled by Ottawa
  43. Controlling our destiny
  44. Islamic terrorism
  45. Court action against veterans
  46. Political correctness
  47. Interprovincial trade barriers
  48. Leftist infiltration of Universities
  49. Using the police to enforce cultural destruction
  50. The CBC

Hopefully there isn’t any significant repetition, I do try to be accurate.

Think about it, and Happy Canada Day.