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We Need Permission

I still contend that the only reason Stephen Harper was elected in 2006 is that there simply was no other acceptable choice to eastern Canada. The Liberals had imploded by way of the Sponsorship Scandal, the NDP wasn’t, and arguably never was, a viable alternative and elections being what they are, somebody had to win.

Despite all the failings of the Liberals, the limited appeal of the NDP and the lukewarm endorsement of the media, Harper and the Conservatives were granted a minority government. A minority is the parliamentary equivalent of being on probation, one is not fully trusted and full approval is on hold.

Almost immediately the attacks began. Harper wears a sweater! A blue sweater! He prorogued parliament!! Of course it didn’t matter that prorogation is normal parliamentary procedure, Harper did it and that made it just one of the many “assaults on democracy”. The eastern liberal media deemed it to be a scandal of epic proportions and in concert with their masters on the left kept hammering Canadians on a daily basis. In fact, it could be argued that if the media didn’t have a scandal to harp on they just made one up. He plays the piano! Quelle horreur!

Although Andrew Scheer was born in Ottawa, he is now a Member of Parliament for Regina-Qu’Appelle and is considered a Westerner. That is the first strike. The second strike is that he is a Conservative and a family man. Trudeau has a family too but since he is a Liberal, that’s ok.

What’s the third strike?

Well one of his staffers used to work for the Rebel Media of course. And that is totally unacceptable to the eastern elites and media (often the same thing). One has to wonder why a past history working for a legitimate news outlet is akin to having been Hitler’s barber? It illustrates astutely how that to gain the office of Prime Minister in Canada, a Conservative leader has to be approved of by the eastern elites and media. In short, they are saying, “We may let you govern if you act as a liberal and do exactly what we say and behave in the manner we dictate.” And even if one does obey, the daily assaults will be mounted until someone more to their liking shows up in a leftist party. Count on it.

Wouldn’t it be great if Westerners chose their own leader? One that would represent them, looking after their interests instead of those of the “better” part of the country?

We can dream can’t we?

And there are those among us that work tirelessly towards that dream. A dream is nothing more than air unless movers and shakers take action. Facebook alone has over 40 thousand members in various groups advocating Western independence. Movements from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are rising to the challenge. Seek them out, join them, talk to your neighbours and friends, you’ll be surprised how many have similar views. Don’t be afraid. To paraphrase President Roosevelt, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

What Catalan tells Canada

The wealthy northeastern region of Catalonia, with its own language and culture, held a referendum on Oct. 1 on independence, in defiance of the Spanish constitutional court which had ruled the vote illegal. Immediately upon opening Spanish police descended on many polling stations and violently tried to close them down. The Spanish government, which has no provisions for such a referendum on secession, has now used article 155 of the Spanish constitution that permits the Prime Minister to sack the regional government and call for new elections. The future for Catalans may look promising to them but in reality they will suffer at the hands of “Mother Espania” before independence ever becomes a reality. It promises to be a messy affair.

But what does this say to Canada? Canadians have lived through several attempts at Quebec Independence, one of which came very close indeed. In fact, in view of the subsequent scandals that led to Liberal demise on the federal level would seem to point to a separatist victory had Chretien’s Liberals not cheated. The near loss of the country prompted the Liberals to create the Clarity Act, a piece of legislation specifically geared at giving Ottawa a definite advantage with any attempts at secession in the future. It appears that Canada could only be held together by chicanery and loaded legislation.

The West has been fooled into confederation through the use of promises, force, hopes of “change” and a steady indoctrination of how good it is that we’re all together in Canada. But are we? 150 years of underhanded treatment of the West by successive Prime Ministers from MacDonald to Trudeau masked by platitudes and insinuations that if one didn’t toe the Ottawa line and just smile, salute the flag and carry on, one must be “divisive” or even worse, un-Canadian.  This has largely worked because no one wants an interruption of their daily lives for something so dangerous as independence and the right to govern ourselves. We live in a selfish society and as long as tidbits are handed out when Westerners get too uppity, the West tends to forgive and forget.

Not so much anymore.

What would a referendum, by province, mean if successful? Not too much in the short term. Markets might fluctuate but free enterprise being what it is, it would recover pretty quickly.  There would be shockwaves in Ottawa. In the 1995 Quebec Referendum the Liberal government used public funds to bus thousands in to stage a tremendous show of affection in downtown Montreal. Where this display of “genuine” affection is now is anyone’s guess. Unlike Spain, Canada has a mechanism for provincial referendums on sovereignty and Quebec’s declaration that sovereignty can arbitrarily be declared by the Quebec government upon the winning of a referendum gives a precedence of sorts. And with the long tradition of a desire for independence by Quebec, Canada is not likely to adopt the same stance as Spain.

Yes, there would be animosity from eastern Canadians and perhaps Canada would impose some sort of punishment on the wayward children but that too would only be temporary. Once negotiations begin and reality sets in it would become business as usual between two countries much like Canada and the US. It is never wise to pay head to fear mongers. Those that do never accomplish anything more than the status quo and this would please eastern elites, American billionaires and Saudi princes immensely.

We are in a new era, one with unlimited opportunity for an independent West. Ottawa and eastern Canada has proven time and again that it cares very little for the West and its people beyond being a source of capital. We can go our own way, it can be done, we have the infrastructure, the talent, work ethics and drive to be successful.

It is time.

An open letter to Brad Wall

Dear Premier Wall,

Westerners have long noted that you are the shining light of the West. We have seen your concern and active participation at advancing the West’s interests within Canada. And no one disputes your love of Western Canada.

Brad, if I may call you by first name, it’s time. Canada celebrated its 150th birthday by vicious attacks on the West and actively sought to prevent our products from reaching world markets. We are led by a foreign controlled Prime Minister that only cares for personal promotion, identity politics and lawless open borders. His government has imposed requirements on our energy industry specifically designed to prevent the success of the principle industry in the West that has enabled us to fund exorbitant social programs in eastern Canada. Programs we do not have.

American billionaires and Saudi sheiks have invested millions in meddling in our politics in order to keep our oil in the ground and a puppet of their choosing in control. Quebec politicians scoff at the potential in the West citing “environmental concerns” while dumping 8.5 billion litres of raw sewage in the St Lawrence River. Emboldened by the money they get and the lack of fight from the West, one can only be sure that it will get worse before it ever gets better, if at all. Even our so-called Conservative politicians are in line to kowtow to the east in hopes that they are permitted to govern. We both know that once in, the liberal media assisted by eastern elites and foreign interests, will do everything in their power to make the governance as short and useless as possible. In short nothing will change.

I’m sure nothing I’ve said so far is new to you. I know that you are leaving politics but the West needs you. The West needs a proud and energetic leader to come forth and lead us out of the disaster that confederation has been. You know that the West has succeeded not because of Confederation but in spite of it.

Join us. Lead us to a bright future as a free and independent West. It’s time.

Best regards,

Western Canada



I did get a reply to my letter from the Premier, see below.

Peter LeTouenxuw