An open letter to Brad Wall

Dear Premier Wall,

Westerners have long noted that you are the shining light of the West. We have seen your concern and active participation at advancing the West’s interests within Canada. And no one disputes your love of Western Canada.

Brad, if I may call you by first name, it’s time. Canada celebrated its 150th birthday by vicious attacks on the West and actively sought to prevent our products from reaching world markets. We are led by a foreign controlled Prime Minister that only cares for personal promotion, identity politics and lawless open borders. His government has imposed requirements on our energy industry specifically designed to prevent the success of the principle industry in the West that has enabled us to fund exorbitant social programs in eastern Canada. Programs we do not have.

American billionaires and Saudi sheiks have invested millions in meddling in our politics in order to keep our oil in the ground and a puppet of their choosing in control. Quebec politicians scoff at the potential in the West citing “environmental concerns” while dumping 8.5 billion litres of raw sewage in the St Lawrence River. Emboldened by the money they get and the lack of fight from the West, one can only be sure that it will get worse before it ever gets better, if at all. Even our so-called Conservative politicians are in line to kowtow to the east in hopes that they are permitted to govern. We both know that once in, the liberal media assisted by eastern elites and foreign interests, will do everything in their power to make the governance as short and useless as possible. In short nothing will change.

I’m sure nothing I’ve said so far is new to you. I know that you are leaving politics but the West needs you. The West needs a proud and energetic leader to come forth and lead us out of the disaster that confederation has been. You know that the West has succeeded not because of Confederation but in spite of it.

Join us. Lead us to a bright future as a free and independent West. It’s time.

Best regards,

Western Canada



I did get a reply to my letter from the Premier, see below.

Peter LeTouenxuw

7 thoughts on “An open letter to Brad Wall

  1. Mr Wall,
    This is all our kids and grad-kids futures at stake, we cant just negotiation their futures with a PM who would rather buy energy for Canada through dictators who fund and support terrorists and those organizations.You just cant walk away and let Trudeau win. Doesn’t Canada stand for human rights/ freedom and democracy when we financially support a company that doesn’t valve these things (who supports mass murders and no rights or freedoms )than we are saying to our kids you are against freedom,human rights and democracy too. Can you look in the mirror and your kids eyes and know that’s their future your handing over when you retire??


  2. thanks peter this is one of the best sites i have seen yet ,and i believe mr wall could be the person we need to help lead us through this dilemma


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