A couple of thoughts

I know, I know, I haven’t written in a while.

But I haven’t been idle. I’m looking at the possibility of a podcast, and am now involved with the Maverick Party. So stand by, more to come!

In the meantime, be good to one another.

The Polite Separatist

The 51st State Alberta USA?

My deepest apologies for not writing in a long time. It’s been a very busy summer with Covid-19 and American as well as Canadian politics taking centre stage.

A new group has emerged. Led by the former leader and driving force on independence, Peter Downing, who has seen fit to change course. His group, entitled “The 51st State Alberta USA” desires to leave Canada and join the United States as the 51st state.

After some consideration, the Polite Separatist cannot endorse this or even consider it as a viable option. Here’s why.

“The Canadian constitution does not authorize or prohibit secession. It is simply not mentioned either way.” – about 51st state Facebook page.

Ah but it is. Dismembering Canada will require a Constitutional Amendment. Amending the Constitution has received much debate in Canada, and the two most comprehensive attempts to revise the document, the Meech Lake Accord and the Charlottetown Accord, have both been defeated. Chapter XIII clearly lays out what is required to amend the constitution, that being the “750” requirement. This is seven provinces representing at least 50 per cent of the population of all the provinces must approve. Minor amendments have been approved such as renaming the Province of Newfoundland to the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. In case of a province leaving confederation to join the US thereby causing great upheaval in Canada it is very doubtful that majority could be achieved.

“In the case of Quebec, they recognized this. So, the separatists took over the provincial government by the will of the people, and they pushed a referendum to secede.” – about 51st state Facebook page.

Well, I’ll be kind and say, sort of. Quebec is a unique case since there are significant cultural, historical and societal differences that have existed since the Plains of Abraham in 1759. In order to keep New France (Quebec) from jumping to the American colonies, Guy Carleton, the 1st Baron of Dorchester issued the Quebec Act of 1774, recognizing French and Catholicism traditions while ensuring they were citizens of the Kingdom of Great Britain. As such, there has always been an air of uniqueness that endures to this day. Over time this has morphed in a separatist movement that not only ended in defeat in referendums but also spurred the creation and passing of the Clarity Act. And the Clarity Act, for all its one sided advantages is what must be satisfied in Canada.

“Under international law, a democratic referendum only needs a 51% vote in order to be recognized. Kosovo is an excellent example of a Universal Declaration of Independence. Even Canada recognized Kosovo’s independence. – about 51st state Facebook page.

Yes, but. There are many examples where the mother state did not agree with this, Catalonia comes to mind as a recent example. Also, the Kosovo Declaration of Independence of 2008 came after years of bitter fighting resulting in many deaths. And it also resulted in the alienation of the Serb minority in Kosovo. One should note that not all countries recognize Kosovo as an independent state. Is Alberta prepared to go the Kosovo or Catalonia route? The Polite Separatist does not see the benefit of this.

Would the United States admit Alberta into the Union? Because Canada is the largest trading partner of America it is doubtful that there would be much appetite in the halls of Congress and Senate to enter any kind of conflict with Canada. True, Alberta does trade with the US to the tune of about $105 Billion per year. However Canada trades $1.9 Billion per day with the US. Would Americans want to compromise that or destabilize nearly $700 Billion in trade in any way?

We in the independence movement have suffered greatly from division and turf wars. Joining the US is just the latest manifestation of this. This has given a tremendous aid to those who would have us fail. Stopping this is paramount.

Lastly, there is the question of who is the master of our house? Are Westerners prepared to trade a master in Ottawa with a master in Washington? Are Westerners keen on importing all the violence and disharmony in the US today and perhaps worse in the future?

Independence is the answer for a strong West, not trading one of ten for one of fifty-one.

I Want a New Country

I am somewhat perplexed and, to be truthful, distressed. As I watch what is going on I keep delaying a new post as the quasi country that is the “new” Canada keeps spinning out of any conceptual facsimile of control or common sense.

Our Dear Leader, Kim Il Trudeau, has set new records in how best to destroy his own country. He is, it seems, obsessed with greasing the palm of every tin pot dictator in the world with Canadian tax money while flooding the country with the refuse of the world though our nonexistent borders and locating them at our expense in cities with ridings that help elect Liberals. He knows that Toronto, a leftist haven, has tons of ridings. By changing the election laws to the level of the insane he guarantees his win.

“Are you a Canadian citizen?”

“No…I mean yes.”

“Okee dokey, vote over there!”

Meanwhile, Canadians are taxed to death, veterans are ignored, industry and jobs have dwindled, American billionaires own the government, the media is bought and paid for, our kids are being taught to hate our traditions and history in school, our great-great grandkids might see the public debt lowered, the police and government officials punish the victim and go easy on the criminal. And our public officials of all stripes live in absolute fear that someone might call them names like racist, homophobe, misogynist, Islamophobe and an ever increasing number of hateful words designed to stifle public discourse and common sense.

Is there a problem?

Does anyone care?

If you’ve read this far without wanting to call the police on me or filing a human rights complaint, congratulations! You are endowed with a sense of propriety and good judgement.

And now for more observations from the Polite Separatist.

The Liberals have once again cause a multi billion dollar project and 7000 jobs to walk away from Canada. Teck has given up on us and that’s not surprising. Trudeau and his minions have adopted a new modus operandi,

“Through inaction, no action is required.”

It is no longer surprising that the Liberals, NDP and Greens favour the east and the Maritimes but virtually spit on the Western provinces as being unintelligent louts that require Laurentian Elites to “guide” us. What is consistently surprising to me is the acceptance of Westerners to accept this as the price of being “good Canadians”. Maybe they’re right after all, we’re too dumb and complacent to do anything about it so we let our betters rule us to their advantage. Albertans unemployed? British Columbia forestry in the hole? Who cares? As long as that equalization keeps coming, life is beautiful! Cheap daycare, cheap tuitions, budget surpluses. What could be better? And all they have to do is keep the West under the boot. They can complain but they’ll never do anything about it. Right?

So far, how many jobs lost, how much income tossed away?…

Northern Gateway scrapped

Energy East cancelled

Trans Mountain stalled

Coastal Gas Link stalled

Teck oilsands project withdrawn

Keystone XL vetoed (by Obama)

And so Wexit?

The Wexit movement has started and it’s something the Polite Separatist supports wholeheartedly. It’s as close to a no-brainer as we can get. However.

The independence movement is still showing signs of disunity, hearsay, and smears. Very dangerous! Peter Downing is the leader of Wexit until a permanent leader is elected. Is he perfect? Is anyone? He’s willing to put in the time, he’s getting results, leave him be and give him and all the provincial Wexits the support and help they need. Not to is doing yourself and our future a huge disservice and contributing to those that oppress us.

I want a new country. One that is not ruled by nameless billionaires and bureaucrats in foreign countries. One that has politicians that are not bought. One that stands for rule of law. One that puts its citizens first in all matters. I want a new country. A country that fosters unity, ingenuity, respect for all, equality and cooperation among its constituent parts.

It is time, no doubt about it folks. Either poop or get off the pot.

Red River Podcast

Wexit now has a podcast! You can listen to what’s going on in the Wexit movement hosted by Peter Downing. The first episode was posted recently and includes Peter’s story and motivation for Wexit and a discussion with Eric Wall, co-founder and driving force in Wexit Saskatchewan.

This is a natural progression of the movement and really enables listeners to put a voice to Wexit. The Polite Separatist knows that while print is good, voice is better. Could the next progression be Wexit TV? Who knows? Multimedia is the key, the message has to be available to all who care about our future.

You can listen by going to: redriverpodcast.com

Highly recommended! And as a means of support, please consider donating to the Red River Podcast. Information on how is at the top of the podcast site.

WexitBC North Vancouver Island – Sunshine Coast

The Polite Separatist had the pleasure of breaking bread with Mr. Lacey Adams, the WexitBC interim representative for North Vancouver Island. It was an informal affair at a local coffee house. But as the coffee was flowing, so was the discussion.

Mr. Lacey Adams

Lacey took great pains to thoroughly explain the movement and his part in it. They have assembled a temporary interim-executive of 7 volunteers.  The upcoming weeks will see them form another, even better interim executive by the end of the year which will organize an AGM to kick off a permanent leadership selection process and candidate identification in all districts.

He was very optimistic about future support. North Vancouver Island is a largely blue collar area based on fishing, lumber, mining, light industry, tourism and agriculture. Many of these areas are in decline because of repressive legislation, market forces and interference by foreign controlled eco groups. The North Island shares many aspects of dissatisfaction found in the other Western provinces.

We are governed provincially by a party (Green Party) that holds 3 seats, essentially a tail wagging the dog. Federally we are governed by a government that is not only far away but they are equally far away on what drives BC. Eastern Canada regards BC as a post card, full of happy smiling First Nations people dancing in colorful costumes. Does anyone seriously think independence would be a bad thing for us? Do we think that British Columbians cannot handle their own affairs; it must be decided by Quebeckers in a city 3500 miles away?

I sincerely hope that North Island people will embrace the independence movement and give full support to people like Lacey Adams as time goes on. Town hall meetings are in the works for the coming year. It is time to stand up; stand up for your future, your families, your jobs, your freedom.

It would be absurd for us to sacrifice our interests in order that laws may be made for us by a people who know little of our condition and wants, and who in fact must necessarily legislate for the greater number — the people of the Atlantic Provinces. It is dangerous to place ourselves at the disposal of superior numbers.”

“I believe, Sir, we are quite capable of making laws for ourselves.”

John Sebastian Helmcken, 1870

Why You Should Care

A message to all British Columbians.

Let’s start with a few recent headlines.

“B.C. forest industry facing uncertain future as mills close across province”

“100 homeless veterans on Vancouver streets is ‘shameful’: veterans affairs critic”

“BC Forestry deserves to be discussed in Ottawa”

“The B.C. carbon tax shows us why a national one is a bad idea”

“Body of homeless man found wrapped in rug near Kamloops dumpster”

“Trudeau Government Permit 2.8 Million NON-RESIDENTS To Vote In 2019 Election”

Are you better off today in BC? Do you feel that the future is bright for you and your kids? Do you think the Federal and Provincial governments have your best interests in mind? Do you feel like you have control, do you have a say? What value does your vote hold?

I’ll take the risk and say that a majority of British Columbians would answer these questions and more in the negative. Everyone has a beef, some real and some shallow but to each of us our observations are valid and the sense of helplessness can be very frustrating. Question is, what can you do about it?

A good question indeed!

The Polite Separatist had the pleasure of attending a meeting in Victoria recently hosted by Bill McElwain launching the Western Canada Independence Foundation. No, this is not a new party. It’s better than that.

“The foremost message is to encourage separation of the Western Provinces BC, AB, SK and possibly MB from the federal state of Canada and to demonstrate who best to form a meaningful provisional government that will succeed and not replicate the woes we seek to escape.”

The magic words are, “not replicate the woes we seek to escape”. This requires a most important thing, understanding. All too often we are told by various sources what we should have, not what we want. Many quasi-separatist parties have already drafted constitutions and are even discussing what flag to have! A prime example of putting the cart before the horse. If someone is on the fence about independence, what do you, dear reader; think the first impression will be? Reality tells us that nobody likes to be told what to do, so if you want to have effective change, let the people say what they want.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, without reliable, factual and realistic information, one is simply being led by the media and other people’s brain. One should be honest and ask, “Am I a sheep?”


What do you see as BC’s future? Are you a federalist or a secessionist? If you’re a federalist, how can one expect to pull confederation from the ashes? If you’re pro independence, what can you do to make it better for all? Think about it…seriously. We are at an impasse in Canada. It has become painfully obvious that the country is not only divided but that the contempt for the West and BC has become the soup du jour in central and eastern Canada. Just look at daily news reports to guide your thinking. It is a national emergency if a job in Quebec is in jeopardy but if 2000 British Columbians are out of work in one industry? Well, they’d better quit their bitching. By the way, Quebec has a budget surplus, isn’t that wonderful?

The West Coast.

Foreign controlled Eco NGOs have been hard at work ensuring the financial interests of foreign billionaires and unscrupulous countries are protected, much to the detriment of British Columbians.  I won’t go into specifics, most readers are already aware, but here are a few things to mull over.

– It costs about 300 million dollars (plus equipment) to build a medium size hospital in BC.
– It costs about 15-20+ thousand dollars to obtain a degree in BC universities depending on program.

– It costs about 26 million dollars to build an average middle school in BC.
– Healthcare in BC costs over 21 billion per year (and rising).

– Oil and gas revenues in BC are about 1 billion dollars per year but could be as much as 3 to 4 billion.

– Stumpage fees bring about 1.1 billion dollars to the BC government coffers and are set to rise.

– The cost of contracting RCMP to police BC is more than having BC police.

– BC pays much more than it gets in Equalization. In 2019-2020 BC gets nothing.

– US based NGO like Tides Foundation and Leadnow take an active role in BC elections. But for who?

The list goes on and on but the question still remains; do you feel you have any control or input? Are you wishing to stay in Canada because your ancestors were Canadian? Let me give you an example; Czechoslovakia split into two countries, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. Was history before the split totally annihilated like it never happened or do the two countries have a shared history?

History marches on, only as a citizen of an independent state you are in control of your future, not unknown elites some 3000 miles away.

At time of writing, far too many BC families are unemployed or wondering if they’ll keep their home and what the work opportunities will exist in the future for them and their families. This is unacceptable. The BC government creates temporary programs to ease the misery but does nothing to fix the problem. It’s like offering a Band-Aid to fix a broken leg. As for the Feds…crickets.

The Polite Separatist encourages you, dear reader, to think about this. Inform yourself, talk to your neighbours, friends and family. Take a look at our history; do you want more of the same?


I feel perfectly sure, Sir, that if Confederation should come, bringing with it the Tariff of Canada, not only will the farmers be ruined, but our independence will be taken away; it will deprive our local industries of the protection now afforded them; and will inflict other burdens upon them; it will not free trade and commerce from the shackles which now bind them, and will deprive the Government of the power of regulating and encouraging those interests upon which the prosperity of the Colony depends.”

                                                                          Dr. John Sebastian Helmcken, 1874


It’s a call to action! Start with the Western Canadian Independence Foundation, get involved, support WexitBC.                                        

Become your future!

Wexit and Musings

There’s been much happening these days…

I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to address first. As the old Chinese curse goes; may you live in interesting times. We certainly are!

Trudeau 2.0

It’s not always good to be right. I’ve been saying all along that one who underestimates Liberals do so at their peril. Andrew Scheer took that to heart and underestimated the lengths that Trudeau and the Liberals were willing to go to win. Such is the path leading to second place.

Trudeau had four years to stack the deck and he did so admirably. He took down Canada’s borders, played favorites with minority groups changed laws to accommodate and invested deeply in the mainstream media.  All Scheer did was promise more money in your pocket and an “energy corridor” across Canada. Judging from the eons old battle for reducing trade barriers between provinces, this would’ve likely been a non starter.  Justin has more baggage than an airport but Sheer didn’t capitalize on any of it. Instead he allowed the Liberal media to paint him as a nasty homophobe because he doesn’t want to march in a parade. You can’t make this up.

Justin now has a large minority propped up by the NDP; if he wants to do anything at all he has to please Jagmeet.  Note that the NDP’s stance on oil and the West makes Trudeau look like a “Rig Pig”. We can expect, as Premier Scott Moe said, “More of the same”. Expect the attacks to be intensified.

Jason Kenny

Premier Kenny’s United Conservative Party swept Alberta. Considering the damage Notley’s NDP did to Alberta in an effort to please Trudeau while appearing to support Alberta and the energy industry, a giraffe in a blue sweater could have won.

Kenny is a federalist through and through. It’s a precarious balancing act for him since a third of Albertans support independence and that support keeps increasing. He has to sit on both sides of the fence, no easy task! Although he tries hard, one has to wonder about chances for success against the Liberal/NDP/Green government.  Newly appointed federal Minister Freeland, who self appointed herself as the “Minister of National Unity”, has visited Kenny and although she makes a nice front, her real purpose is to pacify the West so that Ottawa and the Laurentian Elites can get back to business. It’s the same old story with the addition of a red dress. “Be good Canadians (pat on the head), there, that’s better, now bend over.

Always bear in mind as this unfolds that there is a big difference between listening to reply and listening to understand. Actions will decide things.


WEXIT is here! Like it or not, Ottawa. I have asked Peter Downing for input into this blog entry, unfortunately he is rather busy. The movement has great momentum which for the moment is centered on Alberta. As The Polite Separatist has always said, it will start in Alberta, then Saskatchewan, then BC. Very large crowds have gathered for events in Calgary, Edmonton and elsewhere. It’s looking very good!

I’d like to say a few words about WEXITBC. First and foremost, kudos to the interim executive! Their work is very much appreciated. Now let me offer a bit of advice, if I may. As we have seen, the more the movement grows, the more scrutiny it comes under. Plus, there is no lack of people who desperately want this to fail. They will stoop to incredible lows to sink WEXIT in the eyes of the public. As such, optics are vitally important. If one wants to be respected and thought of as a credible professional representative of the movement, one has to look the part. Long unkept hair, thick beards and bad lighting are a no-no. You are being watched…always. Sorry, but there you have it. You’re out to inspire not to be comfy.

WEXITBC will have a much tougher row to hoe than WEXIT Alberta. Why? Because BC is the home of strong left wing forces that support NDP and Green Party policies that are in direct opposition to Western Canadian energy. BC is also home to large special interest groups, LGBT and so forth. All of these folks will have to be inspired to join us.

The Future

To paraphrase Premier Scott Moe, we are in for more of the same. Little Miss Red Dress will try hard to sugar coat the bitter pill to come but it will come. The UN has announced that the earth’s temperature will rise by over 3 percent by 2100, UNLESS governments triple their efforts now. Frankly, they can’t decide on how many genders there are, they can’t reliably predict the weather next week, but they are predicting the temperature 80 years from now? Really?

The sad thing is that Trudeau will take this as carved in stone and woe be unto any “deniers” out there. Expect more taxes on energy as he works hard to please the NDP and Greens and covets a temporary seat on the UN Security Council.


The situation is changing.

When is the end the beginning?

I haven’t written anything in the past few months so that I could observe the progress of our national election. If I were living in the Maritimes, Quebec or Ontario I might be jumping for joy. But alas, I am a Westerner and for us the writing is on the wall. This election was said to be about the fate of Canada’s unity. That fate is now certain.

Since we know that the best indicator of future performance is past performance, we can be sure that the decades long assault on the West, especially Alberta, will continue and in all likelihood will intensify. We can look forward to much higher taxes, much higher immigration without concern to Canada’s needs, a border that is little more than imaginary and incessant constitutional battles between Ottawa and Alberta in an effort to save what’s left of the energy industry.

This election reinforces over 100 years of eastern Canada deciding who governs Canada. Western votes, beyond locally, mean very little in the Canadian landscape. There is some truth in the old Liberal Party war room chant, “Screw the west, we’ll take the rest.”

So what now?

Quebec gets the lion’s share of the fruits of our labour.

This is certainly a boost for Wexit. I do hope that they will take advantage of this turn of events, they must, as goes the old saying, strike while the iron is hot! The Polite Separatist sincerely hopes that all independence minded people in the West will rally to the cause and show unity of purpose because now more than ever, our time has come.

Always remember, you have the power to make a better future.