WexitBC North Vancouver Island – Sunshine Coast

The Polite Separatist had the pleasure of breaking bread with Mr. Lacey Adams, the WexitBC interim representative for North Vancouver Island. It was an informal affair at a local coffee house. But as the coffee was flowing, so was the discussion.

Mr. Lacey Adams

Lacey took great pains to thoroughly explain the movement and his part in it. They have assembled a temporary interim-executive of 7 volunteers.  The upcoming weeks will see them form another, even better interim executive by the end of the year which will organize an AGM to kick off a permanent leadership selection process and candidate identification in all districts.

He was very optimistic about future support. North Vancouver Island is a largely blue collar area based on fishing, lumber, mining, light industry, tourism and agriculture. Many of these areas are in decline because of repressive legislation, market forces and interference by foreign controlled eco groups. The North Island shares many aspects of dissatisfaction found in the other Western provinces.

We are governed provincially by a party (Green Party) that holds 3 seats, essentially a tail wagging the dog. Federally we are governed by a government that is not only far away but they are equally far away on what drives BC. Eastern Canada regards BC as a post card, full of happy smiling First Nations people dancing in colorful costumes. Does anyone seriously think independence would be a bad thing for us? Do we think that British Columbians cannot handle their own affairs; it must be decided by Quebeckers in a city 3500 miles away?

I sincerely hope that North Island people will embrace the independence movement and give full support to people like Lacey Adams as time goes on. Town hall meetings are in the works for the coming year. It is time to stand up; stand up for your future, your families, your jobs, your freedom.

It would be absurd for us to sacrifice our interests in order that laws may be made for us by a people who know little of our condition and wants, and who in fact must necessarily legislate for the greater number — the people of the Atlantic Provinces. It is dangerous to place ourselves at the disposal of superior numbers.”

“I believe, Sir, we are quite capable of making laws for ourselves.”

John Sebastian Helmcken, 1870

2 thoughts on “WexitBC North Vancouver Island – Sunshine Coast

  1. A dozen years ago I spoke with IWA Reps.. now Steelworkers union.. on secession.
    They were of the opinion that their union is national and splitting it into two.. even if working together isnt likley to get their support.


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