Canada, what will history say?

I’ve been watching history unfold before my eyes as Canada slowly falls into disarray. And although it’s course seems certain at time of writing, I thought I’d lay out some thoughts before things become a matter of record. You see, in our modern times, once an event passes it becomes forgotten by the average person. Oh, it may be a matter of concern or relief for a day or two but once the Monday morning alarm goes off it’s promptly shuffled to the back or our minds somewhere between picking up dog food and what’s on Netflix tonight.

Is this a callous view? Perhaps.

There is so much to talk about! I hardly know where to start! Let’s begin with Alberta. Jason Kenny’s overwhelming majority in toppling Rachel Notley was hardly surprising and is bound to raise eyebrows in the coming days. And rightly so, he raises the possibility of Alberta breaking away from Canada over pipelines and Alberta recourses. Who knew there was a closet separatist in Jason Kenny? I don’t think so. Perhaps he read some of my works on different forms of victory, but I’m not too sure he will willingly pull the pin and actually declare a referendum on independence. Perhaps if he does it will be because he is pushed into it. Kenny has been an ardent federalist all his life, which will be put to the test in the next year.

I happened on to a CBC panel discussing this very matter. Now understand I don’t watch the CBC, much for the same reason I avoid stepping in dog poop. It was an accident. It was comprised of the usual CBC talking heads, Chantal Hebert, Andrew Coyne and the rest. The usual suspects. And they did not disappoint in casually brushing off the reality of impending Western Independence starting with Alberta. They implied that it was not based on fact, that Albertans are very much happy as Canadians. Albertans don’t mind being shafted by Ottawa and BC. You know, they are happy with a pat on the head while being told they are good Canadians. Unemployed Canadians, but that’s not a problem for Laurentian Elites. The level of condescending denial was just astounding. This, dear reader, is what your country thinks of you, presented by the state broadcaster and official propaganda arm of the Liberal Party.

Speaking of the Liberal Party…

At time of writing, the impresario of division, the head of the party hell bent on the end of Canada, the most elite of the elite, Justin Trudeau, has been making gaffs and insulting moves almost daily now. I really should write more about it but many more erudite people make a living on recounting Justin’s lunacy. It is common knowledge that since Trudeau lost his puppeteer, Gerry Butts, he is showing that he really is a vacuous bumbler.

Again, at time of writing, it appears that Saskatchewan has lost the court case by a split decision against the federal Carbon Tax. Is this surprising? However, Premier Moe has stated that the province will appeal to the Supreme Court. This as the Liberals revealed that before a nominee for judge or the Senate is appointed, he is checked against the list of party donors. Who is running the country? In whose interests?

Federal environment minister Catherine McKenna says the victory against Saskatchewan is a victory for the planet. The planet? Are Westerners so evil and disgusting that we threaten the very existence of the planet? The contempt for Westerners is not only tangible but increasing.

On to October!

If there is anything I’ve learned in life it’s that to underestimate the Liberals is not only foolish, it’s a death wish. Although Andrew Scheer is gaining in polls and Justin Trudeau keeps on giving reasons to punt him to the curb, the complacency in that comes with accepting what looks like an obvious fact can often lead to disaster.

According to the Angus Reid Institute, more than four-in-ten (44%) who voted for Trudeau’s party in 2015 now disapprove of the Prime Minister, and more than half (51%) now plan to vote for a party other than the Liberals – or are undecided. The question is whose party will they vote for?

There have been whispers that the NDP would be open to coalitions? If BC is an indication, that would be with Elizabeth May’s Green Party. That would make such a coalition the Official Opposition, a “Government in waiting” so to speak.

As we saw in the 2015 election, the Liberals are counting heavily on assistance from American supported and financed groups such as LeadNow, North99, Tides Foundation,, Forest Ethics and more, all of which conducted campaigns to vilify Harper’s Conservatives. They were greatly helped by Canada’s media who saw this as a wonderful way to return to the good old days of Liberal largess. And they were right! Justin has paid them off to the tune of 650 million dollars. Just two catches, the deserving recipients will be selected by a Liberal led and controlled committee and it doesn’t take effect until after the election (hint hint).

The Liberals have frustrated and stonewalled attempts to reduce or eliminate foreign interference in our elections, we can expect that the pro Liberal, anti Conservative vox populi will resume as we get closer to the election. Want proof? How many times lately have you read anything other than passing references on SNC-Lavelin or Jody Wilson-Raybould? Watch how the narrative has quietly shifted to “Scheer and White Nationalists” and “Scheer’s secret meetings with Big-Oil”.

It will get worse and more intense, count on it.

I try to keep these missives down to a reasonable level to avoid diatribes but there has been much happening and I haven’t written for some time. I am very interested in the thoughts and opinions of readers. Who knows? Together we may come up with something great. After all, according to Catherine McKenna, we Westerners are a threat to the very existence of the planet.

Such power!