A Motto


My thoughts have turned lately to things that promote unity. The Liberal mantra of “diversity is our strength” has proven to be a wonderful example of propaganda that, in practice, promotes exactly the opposite. Rarely has such a deception been so readily been accepted by a peoples in modern times. One would have to look to Germany in the Second World War to find similar deceptions.

Much of my research on an independent West has centered on Switzerland. Swiss society has been fiercely protective of their independence and neutrality. I would propose that the motto for the Western Independence Movement be:

One for All ~ All for One

I know, sounds like the Three Musketeers. But I would suggest to you dear reader, that a sense of common purpose regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, trade or profession or social standing needs to become a buzzword, a call to arms, something anyone can take hold of and call their own.

Words such as “freedom” or “national” should be avoided since in the whole they are abstract concepts. What is freedom in the context of 21st century Canada? How can a high school senior appreciate transfer payments or farm policy? Does a worker in a fast food restaurant really think that control over gas royalties will impact his or her life?

It is far easier to cry out, One for All & All for One. It can apply to anyone and become a rallying cry wherever secessionists meet. It immediately tells the whole of Western Canada that we are one people with common dreams and are willing and able to support each other in good and bad times. It is a catchphrase that instantly binds us all.

Great care has to be taken avoid situations as we see today where the various groups use different calls to action or mottos even though they profess the same goals! This displays to our adversaries that we are a fragmented movement which can be ignored because we are weak and can’t get our act together. I know I may be sounding somewhat repetitious but unity is probably the most important asset in any movement and certainly is in ours.

I would like to hear from the leaders of the various groups and self-described parties about what makes is able to be one voice and what, more importantly perhaps, is the rationale for fragmentation.

I can be reached through this site or by email at:  thepoliteseparatist@gmail.com

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