Wexit and Musings

There’s been much happening these days…

I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to address first. As the old Chinese curse goes; may you live in interesting times. We certainly are!

Trudeau 2.0

It’s not always good to be right. I’ve been saying all along that one who underestimates Liberals do so at their peril. Andrew Scheer took that to heart and underestimated the lengths that Trudeau and the Liberals were willing to go to win. Such is the path leading to second place.

Trudeau had four years to stack the deck and he did so admirably. He took down Canada’s borders, played favorites with minority groups changed laws to accommodate and invested deeply in the mainstream media.  All Scheer did was promise more money in your pocket and an “energy corridor” across Canada. Judging from the eons old battle for reducing trade barriers between provinces, this would’ve likely been a non starter.  Justin has more baggage than an airport but Sheer didn’t capitalize on any of it. Instead he allowed the Liberal media to paint him as a nasty homophobe because he doesn’t want to march in a parade. You can’t make this up.

Justin now has a large minority propped up by the NDP; if he wants to do anything at all he has to please Jagmeet.  Note that the NDP’s stance on oil and the West makes Trudeau look like a “Rig Pig”. We can expect, as Premier Scott Moe said, “More of the same”. Expect the attacks to be intensified.

Jason Kenny

Premier Kenny’s United Conservative Party swept Alberta. Considering the damage Notley’s NDP did to Alberta in an effort to please Trudeau while appearing to support Alberta and the energy industry, a giraffe in a blue sweater could have won.

Kenny is a federalist through and through. It’s a precarious balancing act for him since a third of Albertans support independence and that support keeps increasing. He has to sit on both sides of the fence, no easy task! Although he tries hard, one has to wonder about chances for success against the Liberal/NDP/Green government.  Newly appointed federal Minister Freeland, who self appointed herself as the “Minister of National Unity”, has visited Kenny and although she makes a nice front, her real purpose is to pacify the West so that Ottawa and the Laurentian Elites can get back to business. It’s the same old story with the addition of a red dress. “Be good Canadians (pat on the head), there, that’s better, now bend over.

Always bear in mind as this unfolds that there is a big difference between listening to reply and listening to understand. Actions will decide things.


WEXIT is here! Like it or not, Ottawa. I have asked Peter Downing for input into this blog entry, unfortunately he is rather busy. The movement has great momentum which for the moment is centered on Alberta. As The Polite Separatist has always said, it will start in Alberta, then Saskatchewan, then BC. Very large crowds have gathered for events in Calgary, Edmonton and elsewhere. It’s looking very good!

I’d like to say a few words about WEXITBC. First and foremost, kudos to the interim executive! Their work is very much appreciated. Now let me offer a bit of advice, if I may. As we have seen, the more the movement grows, the more scrutiny it comes under. Plus, there is no lack of people who desperately want this to fail. They will stoop to incredible lows to sink WEXIT in the eyes of the public. As such, optics are vitally important. If one wants to be respected and thought of as a credible professional representative of the movement, one has to look the part. Long unkept hair, thick beards and bad lighting are a no-no. You are being watched…always. Sorry, but there you have it. You’re out to inspire not to be comfy.

WEXITBC will have a much tougher row to hoe than WEXIT Alberta. Why? Because BC is the home of strong left wing forces that support NDP and Green Party policies that are in direct opposition to Western Canadian energy. BC is also home to large special interest groups, LGBT and so forth. All of these folks will have to be inspired to join us.

The Future

To paraphrase Premier Scott Moe, we are in for more of the same. Little Miss Red Dress will try hard to sugar coat the bitter pill to come but it will come. The UN has announced that the earth’s temperature will rise by over 3 percent by 2100, UNLESS governments triple their efforts now. Frankly, they can’t decide on how many genders there are, they can’t reliably predict the weather next week, but they are predicting the temperature 80 years from now? Really?

The sad thing is that Trudeau will take this as carved in stone and woe be unto any “deniers” out there. Expect more taxes on energy as he works hard to please the NDP and Greens and covets a temporary seat on the UN Security Council.


The situation is changing.

7 thoughts on “Wexit and Musings

  1. Well stated facts. Why do we make changes? One is from being sick of a situation ( desperation). Two is being excited about what adventure may come ( hope). Three : a critical mass point is reached where there is no going back. I think an emphasize now needs to surface on what can the hope for future give us. How can we get involved with this?


    • Well put. The best way to get involved at this early stage is to inform yourself about the history and issues. And hold your head high and be visible.


  2. My first impressions with respect to the video presentation of the interim leader of “Wexit BC” was pretty much the same. However to be fair the leader is very articulate, thoughtful and the executive well organized! Granted optics mater but overall I’m impressed!
    Frank Vaughn (PPC canidate, I recommend watching his utube) manages to pull off a very strong presentation with long hair, and a beard combined with a strong and articulate voice, good lighting a d professional graphics and sound so one can be themselves, genuine and unpretentious but its probaly harder. Frank of course was defeated as were all PPC candidates including Bernier
    but it wasn’t because he didn’t present well.
    Andrew Scheer is a good example of how it takes more than a good taylor to make an inspiring leader. Some politicians wear funny hats (like me), turbans (Singh) or long hair and beards like Frank Vaughn and it certainly risks one being negatively stereotyped. That’s a risk and disadvantage which can be turned into an advantage if its respectful and presents as an expression of genuine honesty and integrity. (Something sadly lacking in today’s politics).


    • Good points, Ken. What I was saying is that what is different from a local candidate and a party leader is that a party leader must be able to convey the same message to everyone regardless of locale. This means being inoffensive to all. Sadly, many with long hair have been brilliant, but we are living in a world of 5 second soundbites and 30 second judgements. What washes in Fort Mac and Prince George doesn’t play well in Vancouver.


  3. Some things right.. some things wrong.
    Predicting weather 80 years from now is denial. Not climate change denial but denial of where canadians are.
    80% of canadians want action on climate change. It doesnt matter whether the 80 year estimate is right or not.
    It doesnt matter whether climate change is real or if its man made. What matters is 80% of canadians want action.
    That deals with the wrong. The right.
    Gauging what’s required to sway BC to support wexit. Unless the threat of more bitumen on the coast is in place BC wont support Alberta’s wexit. If alberta doesnt care about the coast of BC we dont care about the Alberta economy.
    Besides.. one pipeline isnt going to change much for Alberta.. it’s just going to deal with the current over production.. not growth.
    Google Cascadia subduction zone.
    The latest is a 1 in 3 change we will experence a mag 9 or greater in the next 50 years.
    Bitumen will cause a generational toxic zone all along the coast.
    Good luck swaying BC.


    • I am not sure where the 80% comes from but I can say that there is far too much “going with the flow” going on. Everyone wants a clean environment but the recipes forced on us is that to do it we need to go back to the stone age to do it and we’d better get back therein X amount of time. People leave out advances in technology as the years come and go. Swaying BC, while admitably difficult is not impossible. It always gets me that people are always looking at the worst possible scenario without considering what the future brings. Time will tell. Thanks for your comment!


  4. Addendum..
    The conservative climate action plan was better than the lunacy of taxing canadians to save the plant. The 6 billion BC collected has had 0 impact on global ghg emissions.
    Supporting the TMX and pushing real climate action didnt fit well. Sheer made his choice.. big on energy.. small on climate action. It was right for Alberta.. wrong for canada. As the election showed.


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