I Want a New Country

I am somewhat perplexed and, to be truthful, distressed. As I watch what is going on I keep delaying a new post as the quasi country that is the “new” Canada keeps spinning out of any conceptual facsimile of control or common sense.

Our Dear Leader, Kim Il Trudeau, has set new records in how best to destroy his own country. He is, it seems, obsessed with greasing the palm of every tin pot dictator in the world with Canadian tax money while flooding the country with the refuse of the world though our nonexistent borders and locating them at our expense in cities with ridings that help elect Liberals. He knows that Toronto, a leftist haven, has tons of ridings. By changing the election laws to the level of the insane he guarantees his win.

“Are you a Canadian citizen?”

“No…I mean yes.”

“Okee dokey, vote over there!”

Meanwhile, Canadians are taxed to death, veterans are ignored, industry and jobs have dwindled, American billionaires own the government, the media is bought and paid for, our kids are being taught to hate our traditions and history in school, our great-great grandkids might see the public debt lowered, the police and government officials punish the victim and go easy on the criminal. And our public officials of all stripes live in absolute fear that someone might call them names like racist, homophobe, misogynist, Islamophobe and an ever increasing number of hateful words designed to stifle public discourse and common sense.

Is there a problem?

Does anyone care?

If you’ve read this far without wanting to call the police on me or filing a human rights complaint, congratulations! You are endowed with a sense of propriety and good judgement.

And now for more observations from the Polite Separatist.

The Liberals have once again cause a multi billion dollar project and 7000 jobs to walk away from Canada. Teck has given up on us and that’s not surprising. Trudeau and his minions have adopted a new modus operandi,

“Through inaction, no action is required.”

It is no longer surprising that the Liberals, NDP and Greens favour the east and the Maritimes but virtually spit on the Western provinces as being unintelligent louts that require Laurentian Elites to “guide” us. What is consistently surprising to me is the acceptance of Westerners to accept this as the price of being “good Canadians”. Maybe they’re right after all, we’re too dumb and complacent to do anything about it so we let our betters rule us to their advantage. Albertans unemployed? British Columbia forestry in the hole? Who cares? As long as that equalization keeps coming, life is beautiful! Cheap daycare, cheap tuitions, budget surpluses. What could be better? And all they have to do is keep the West under the boot. They can complain but they’ll never do anything about it. Right?

So far, how many jobs lost, how much income tossed away?…

Northern Gateway scrapped

Energy East cancelled

Trans Mountain stalled

Coastal Gas Link stalled

Teck oilsands project withdrawn

Keystone XL vetoed (by Obama)

And so Wexit?

The Wexit movement has started and it’s something the Polite Separatist supports wholeheartedly. It’s as close to a no-brainer as we can get. However.

The independence movement is still showing signs of disunity, hearsay, and smears. Very dangerous! Peter Downing is the leader of Wexit until a permanent leader is elected. Is he perfect? Is anyone? He’s willing to put in the time, he’s getting results, leave him be and give him and all the provincial Wexits the support and help they need. Not to is doing yourself and our future a huge disservice and contributing to those that oppress us.

I want a new country. One that is not ruled by nameless billionaires and bureaucrats in foreign countries. One that has politicians that are not bought. One that stands for rule of law. One that puts its citizens first in all matters. I want a new country. A country that fosters unity, ingenuity, respect for all, equality and cooperation among its constituent parts.

It is time, no doubt about it folks. Either poop or get off the pot.

8 thoughts on “I Want a New Country

  1. Good article!
    I would only add to the list of canceled projects “The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline ” abandoned in 2017 due to ” the regulatory approval far outpacing the expected timeline, the joint-venture partnership lead by Imperial Oil announced the abandonment of the project in 2017.[2]” . The now familiar “death by delay ” tactic. The people in Canada’s now consistently becoming more and.more dependent on government welfare. That’s sure worked out good.


  2. what the hell do we do now ?there had to be a plan before Trudeau got in the first time .it seems the two provinces that matter to Ottawa carry the vote ,I,m sick of it I don,t think we have any choice but to seperate .Quebec seems to have done ok by squealing and hollering for it ,native groups are doing ok its the tax paying citizens of this country that just don,t count

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  3. Dear Peter :

    Well stated in a concise truthful statement.

    I have lived in Ontario for 40 years but I am originally from Sask.for the West. I also am disgusted with Trudeau; Liberals and socialists who are detroying Canada and especially Western Canada. I have concluded that nothing will change going forward under the status quo Canadian framework. I support the only viable option to have a Western separation. I would move to the west if this could happen and I support the process of getting there. Like most; I do not know best how to achieve this but it’s the only option. Many Canadians support this.

    Best Regards,

    Maurice Clermont

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    • Hi Maurice. As Dr Phil says, the best indication of future behavior is past behavior. Over 100 years of being treated as a colony of Canada shows us that nothing will change. Time to go.


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