We Need Permission


I still contend that the only reason Stephen Harper was elected in 2006 is that there simply was no other acceptable choice to eastern Canada. The Liberals had imploded by way of the Sponsorship Scandal, the NDP wasn’t, and arguably never was, a viable alternative and elections being what they are, somebody had to win.

Despite all the failings of the Liberals, the limited appeal of the NDP and the lukewarm endorsement of the media, Harper and the Conservatives were granted a minority government. A minority is the parliamentary equivalent of being on probation, one is not fully trusted and full approval is on hold.

Almost immediately the attacks began. Harper wears a sweater! A blue sweater! He prorogued parliament!! Of course it didn’t matter that prorogation is normal parliamentary procedure, Harper did it and that made it just one of the many “assaults on democracy”. The eastern liberal media deemed it to be a scandal of epic proportions and in concert with their masters on the left kept hammering Canadians on a daily basis. In fact, it could be argued that if the media didn’t have a scandal to harp on they just made one up. He plays the piano! Quelle horreur!

Although Andrew Scheer was born in Ottawa, he is now a Member of Parliament for Regina-Qu’Appelle and is considered a Westerner. That is the first strike. The second strike is that he is a Conservative and a family man. Trudeau has a family too but since he is a Liberal, that’s ok.

What’s the third strike?

Well one of his staffers used to work for the Rebel Media of course. And that is totally unacceptable to the eastern elites and media (often the same thing). One has to wonder why a past history working for a legitimate news outlet is akin to having been Hitler’s barber? It illustrates astutely how that to gain the office of Prime Minister in Canada, a Conservative leader has to be approved of by the eastern elites and media. In short, they are saying, “We may let you govern if you act as a liberal and do exactly what we say and behave in the manner we dictate.” And even if one does obey, the daily assaults will be mounted until someone more to their liking shows up in a leftist party. Count on it.

Wouldn’t it be great if Westerners chose their own leader? One that would represent them, looking after their interests instead of those of the “better” part of the country?

We can dream can’t we?

And there are those among us that work tirelessly towards that dream. A dream is nothing more than air unless movers and shakers take action. Facebook alone has over 40 thousand members in various groups advocating Western independence. Movements from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are rising to the challenge. Seek them out, join them, talk to your neighbours and friends, you’ll be surprised how many have similar views. Don’t be afraid. To paraphrase President Roosevelt, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

5 thoughts on “We Need Permission

  1. thks peter i,ve been trying to gain a little insite into seperation here in bc but everything is a little lukewarm yet .is there anywhere that we can put our name on the line for this cause?or is it to early for this?do you have any insite into whats happening?if you can give me some direction ,please do thks again joe myers


    • Hi Joe. There is a group of separatists in BC, probably more than we imagine. The idea is strong in areas outside the lower mainland. Unfortunately there is no clear leader yet and the organizational is largely unformed. There are groups on Facebook but this is is online and not a “real” thing. So what needs to happen is a leader comes on the scene and makes things happen. It’s really a sign of our times, people would rather go online as opposed to actually going outside the home. Our time will come and I will be writing about that in future posts.


      • thank you sir i will be waiting patiently for the knight to ride out of the forest and will arrange a large welcome!this has to be brought to the forfront of society as soon as possible.vancouver dosn,t pay much attn. to the interior of bc at any time .just like ottawa the rest of bc gets whatever vancouver wants taxs go up when van. needs another bridge we cant even get our potholes fixed so the time has come to give representation to all people ,shouldn,t matter if they live in the rural areas growing food ,or the 2nd largest city in canada waiting for the food thks peter


  2. Here in Alberta we have an online separatist movement called the Western Independence Party of Alberta (WIPA). It’s the largest online group of some 50,000 followers from several pages as it has evolved. You can find WIPA on Facebook and their original page the Republic of Western Canada.
    There are many people involved but main leader online is Larry Smith. He does a lot of writing and posting daily. You can find us pretty easily at http://www.wipa.com. There are also online groups in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and in BC I believe. Maybe do a FB search.

    We are currently in our second attempt to gather 8000 signatures as required by Elections Canada to become an official registered political party. We are seeking official party status but It is slow going as most people are totally unaware about the true state of Canada and many it seem are unwilling to hear the truth. Anyway, with the attacks on Albertas energy industry by Ottawa and our inept and ideological NDP government destroying our economy, it should be easier. We will keep plugging along until our deadline in December hopefully to be successful this time.


  3. i would be more than willing to put my name on the line gail but i live in bc,its my fondest wish to have bc and alta amalgamate in this common cause .surly we can find enough likeminded people for this endevor?


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