So, what do you want?

So, what do you want?

As I look over the various Facebook pages that provide an online home for independence-minded people I am struck by several things and I thought I’d share them with you, the reader. This is by no means an authoritative judgment, just personal observations, nothing more.

First, a bit about Facebook. The social media phenomenon is probably best exemplified by Facebook to the point where it can determine the outcome of events in real-time. We see it all the time, public gatherings, events, conferences and even in organizing riots. The power of Facebook should never be underestimated. Any politician that does so, does it at his own risk.

But it is, after all, social media. The same site that gives us videos of cuddly critters and makes us laugh, cry or angry tends to be a breeding ground for every false hope story and exaggerated claim that can be brought to bear against us.

With all the positive aspects of social media, it’s sometimes too easy to forget the negative aspects. I was once at a coffee shop and noticed a table of six millennials enjoying their drinks. All of them were hunched over their smart phones with fingers flying over the screens. Not a word was spoken, none made eye contact. I watched them for quite some time as did many other patrons. Not one even looked up or even acknowledged the presence of other people surrounding them. Crazy, eh?

As we head towards independence, heavy use of social media is a must. But as we organize and plan it becomes obvious that most social media users are oblivious to the real world. We see movements with thousands of so called members but when it comes time to meet, for real, organizers are lucky to see more than ten. Such is life in our new social media world. Politicians do not see “Likes” as people, to make an impression one has to step out of their comfort zone and be seen.

If you want to be in the forefront, be in the forefront.

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