Where is our Moses?

It is New Year’s Eve as I write this and as in every last day of the year, it is a time of introspection and wonder at what lies ahead. Secession-minded people have had a good year in 2016. Our greatest allies, Justin Trudeau federally and Rachel Notley provincially, have made it nearly impossible to see a bright future for families in the West. Unemployment is rising, the deficit, both federal and provincial, is rising to levels unheard of since the last time a Trudeau was at the helm. Even in British Columbia, uncertainty looms.

We are approaching a provincial election and the overriding question is who to choose? The BC Liberals have been in power so long that it feels like BC is theirs to do with as they wish.  Christy Clark has tried to be all things to everyone in search of votes but her biggest ace in the hole is the NDP. People in BC have experienced NDP governments before that have nearly bankrupted the province and have had a taste of what the NDP stands for when Adrian Dix stated his party’s views and policies for BC. Voters flocked to the safety of the BC Liberals!

But, where to next? The BC election is slated for Tuesday, May 9, 2017. BC voters, a fickle lot if there ever was one, may just rethink their aversion to the NDP and vote them into power. Why? Because there is no choice. No options.

British Columbia is a strange place. It can be forward thinking and regressive at the same time. There are many who would accept imposing misery on their neighbours and their children to prevent any harm to trees, rocks, birds and crustaceans, even if the means to do so kills much of the wildlife they claim to love. They are mixed in with those that see our resources as a means to provide for families and build a robust economy. Where is the middle?

Any successful independence movement must be able to address the concerns of both. I would suggest an approach where use of resources is combined with intelligent delivery of these resources. Too often we see conflict because either end wants it their way or no way. Most of the time the eco front wins out because they are much better organized, funded and supported. They can get their message out in a way that demonizes any other view. We do not want to be caught in the crosshairs.

So how can we get out a message that appeals to both sides? We have the numbers, I am convinced of this. But many potential supporters are simply unaware of the independence cause and are unwilling to “come out” lest they be set upon. We need a face.

We need a leader who can present our cause in an articulate, thoughtful way. One who can negotiate the pitfalls that come when dealing with a piranha laden media. One who can be at home with a crowd or a single person. We need a Leader. If we have a Leader, the rest will come. Funding, support, media, all of it. We need a modern day Moses who can lead us to the promised land.

Where are you Moses?

5 thoughts on “Where is our Moses?

  1. Thank you Peter, for your summation of the political atmosphere we Canadians have been subjected to this past year. Well done!

    May all Canadians do a little introspective work as we enter into 2017 and make wise choices in the coming months.

    Especially those choices pertaining to the people group being allowed, nay, encouraged into our country by PM Trudeau and Company, and given rights many home born Canadians wish they had.

    ~~ Annette C.


  2. The problem with movements is that they always want a Moses then they put to much power in the hands of the Messiah then that Messiah get bought of threatened or bumped of. Then the movement dies. We should learn from history and keep the leaders powers constrained and keep the movement growing.


    • Very good observation! In order to avoid the problems that Quebec separatists have had over the years, the movement has to be iron clad and viable. It has to be believable to the average citizen. Not an easy task! And haveing a good “face” is super important.


  3. I agree with you that a face is important however we live in a parliamentary democracy where in theory each MLA should represent there constituents perhaps the face for the movement should be the MLA’S and the people that run for those positions.


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