Enough is enough.

Once upon a time, there was a fellow who, tired of watching the West get steamrollered by the liberal east, decided to support the idea of an independent West. A place where families raised their kids with little interference by big government, where the West could make its own decisions without having the approval of eastern elites and a media that sees Westerners as troublesome hicks unworthy of any serious consideration. A place where rule of law could be of benefit to all and where all participated equally in the direction of the country.

So, how to start?

Well, this fellow looked around and noticed that social media was the place to be insofar as popularizing and promoting independence, so he created a page on Facebook modelled on a group in Alberta. It soared to over one thousand members and really opened discussion on what we could do. Then he gave up control of his page to a bigger organization, becoming a moderator.

All this seemed to be going well! The fellow made contacts with other like minded people and even had meetings to discuss how to get started with a formal political party. He created a blog, much like this one, which would give him an opportunity to air his thoughts and get the feedback he’d need to refine things.

However, some dark forces began to move in. The fellow had to repeatedly remind people that the movement was to work towards independence, not to air views on the immigration of particular people and views that could be used against us. The page was also becoming more negative all the time, with focus on why we couldn’t and not on how we can.

So he left the group.

I suppose you know already that I am the “fellow” in the story. The movement is at risk. The cause is attracting the type of people that dwell on anti-Islam and hard right or hard left ideas instead of organizing and promoting. When the leadership asks for help they are reduced to pleading. The 10-90 rule is applying to the movement, 10 percent (or less) of the people are actually serious, with 90 percent enjoying the ride.

This is a mystery to me and is very much a topic for a future blog entry. There is no fire. Why? A foreign leader said a naughty word over ten years ago and everyone loses their minds, thousands march in Vancouver. Yet we cannot do anything in our province without kowtowing to a government 3000 miles away, who treats us like children and everyone’s ok with that? People have legitimate fears over unbridled and largely unvetted Islamic immigration and are unwilling to involve themselves in doing anything about it other than post a nasty meme on Facebook.  Maybe the naysayers are right, we’ve failed before we started.

Time to think things over. The first question; is this real?

6 thoughts on “Enough is enough.

  1. Well Peter, you have given up the cause? The fight?
    This movement can not exist on FB because its purpose is lost in all the noise, but I for one will not give up.


      • By keeping strict control. Larry Smith and Chris have themselves spread too thin. They now control every Independence page and group except for mine, “Real Western Separatism”. I don’t tolerate chaff on the page and only have exchanges based on the mechanics of separation and the way for a sound future. It’s a No-Nuts Zone.


    • I’ve lost control of WIPBC and am now just a member. I sometimes post but usually in reply to another person’s post. They will do what they do and I do wish them all the luck and success. I am now working on an alternate view of what Western Canada can be.


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