Merci Claude and Justin

Recently, a gentleman from Beaupré, Quebec took the opportunity to inform folks on FaceBook about democracy in Canada. This is what he said,

“Easy to tell u how democracy works: Ontario 10,000,000 Quebec 8,000,000 Alberta 2,800,000, BC 3,200,000. This is how democracy works so it’s not the 5,000,000 that tell the other 30,000,000 of people what to do.”

I know, it’s easy to dispel this as one opinion not representative of the whole, much like attacks in the name of Islam are not representative of the whole. However the attitude that prompts his statement says much and needs to be brought to light. Why? Because we see precisely this smugness in virtually all levels of federal and eastern Canadian governments towards the hopes and aspirations of the West. It’s a given that majority rules but in the case of Canada to say this is not exactly true. The Canadian Constitution ensures that Quebec and Ontario sit in the driver’s seat always. No other province can see an increase in seats without a correspondingly higher number of seats in Quebec and Ontario. This alone is unfair and frankly, any Western premier that approves of this arrangement doesn’t have the interests of his or her constituents, particularly those who signed on when it was repatriated by Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Kudos to Quebec, they reap the benefits and control of the West and its resources though a document that they did not sign or agree to. I would daresay examples of this elsewhere are few if any.

If Quebec is not a signatory to the Canadian Constitution then how can it be a part of Canada? And why is, what is essentially a foreign entity, controlling Western Canada? Under what authority?

I call Quebec a foreign entity because it is. It has its own laws under the Napoleonic Code and not English Common Law as in the rest of Canada. It was officially recognized as a nation by Stephen Harper with the proviso “within a united Canada” which is not much more than meaningless words to placate the rest of the country.

Recently Quebec used its extraordinary power to usurp Western attempts to get its oil to foreign markets or refine it in Canada for the benefit of Canadians. Environmental reasons were given although the Mayor of Montreal was much more forthcoming by stating that there was not enough in it for Quebec. This is but one example of extraordinary powers of a foreign entity acting outside the Canadian Constitution. Others are more surreptitious. Justin Trudeau’s enacting a tanker ban on the west coast but not on the east coast is simply a means to ensure votes in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, all the while appearing to be concerned about the Canadian environment, something the Saudis, Americans and Venezuelans don’t seem to share as they daily run tankers on our east coast.

As 2018 looms, and if polls are to be believed, the Liberals are looking at attaining another majority in the next election. Where this will take the country is anybody’s guess but suffice to say it will not be in a direction beneficial to the West. Unbridled immigration will continue and render Canada into a country much like Great Britain where the minority calls the shots backed by a political class that panders to them for their votes. We already see the damage in the form of “human rights” tribunals that can ruin or even jail an individual for practicing the freedom of expression guaranteed in the Canadian Constitution.

Sadly, Westerners are just not angry enough to take positive action on this. More misery will have to fall on our West before the common citizen has an epiphany. But in the meantime we can thank our Prime Minister and his Liberal Party for creating the conditions that will ultimately wake people up.

2 thoughts on “Merci Claude and Justin

  1. Excellent commentary! I sure wish you would put this out on FB on several Western Independence pages. You bring up things I didn’t know or had not thought of. Your work needs much broader exposure.

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