The Prairie Freedom Alliance Party

Possibly the most disparaging thing in what is today’s Western independence movement is the sheer number of groups supposedly espousing the same thing. However a closer inspection of these groups usually separates the wheat from the chaff. Many groups are simply sounding posts for the angry people in our milieu who want to vent about pet peeves, dislikes, aggravations and in the extreme, concerns about the makeup of our society. Although there are a large number of people liking these groups on Facebook and other social media, by my count a total of some 40+ thousand, they are widely dispersed and in many cases belong to more than one group thus making counting an inexact thing indeed.

This is a cause for concern on our part and a cause for laughter for the eastern elites that have held our reigns for some 100 years or more. A cause that cannot count on unity of purpose is bound to fail and perhaps this, more than anything else, is why Western separatists have not made inroads. Failure is the result of not being able to lay out the reasons why independence is desirable and how it can be achieved with one voice.
After being a spectator of these phenomena for some time and writing about it in the blog, the Polite Separatist has come to some conclusions that may not be palatable to all, but then reality rarely is.


Perhaps the most important thing that affects all groups, sentiment, ideas, and hopes is the federal Clarity Act. Everything must be centered on this document. Why? Because it will determine if the independence of a province is even permitted to occur. Each province must win a referendum on independence with a clear majority (generally set at 60+%). Anything less is a no-go.
This negates the attempts to somehow create an all encompassing federal entity that crosses the Western provinces. See how successful the Bloc Quebecois was? Therefore any broad minded approach must start with the place with the highest chance of success. Where? Saskatchewan.

Why Saskatchewan?

Several reasons. First is population, with a population of 1.13 million compared to 4.14 for Alberta and 4.6 for BC, Saskatchewan is, to be frank, an easier task to manage. Also, the provincial capital, Regina, numbers 242 thousand, the largest city, Saskatoon at 300 thousand also manageable.
Second is location. An independent Saskatchewan would act as a neat divider in Canada. Canada would now face trade tariffs when getting wealth out of Alberta and BC. Conversely, Alberta and BC would be set apart from the rest of the country making their position somewhat precarious in confederation. They would be faced with a choice, follow or be ruled by a now foreign government that expects cash and resources to continue to flow. This with very little influence or vote value in the country’s affairs.
Third is organizational. The requirements to form a political party in Saskatchewan are less restrictive than in Alberta or BC. A well supported effort should have a reasonable chance of success.

Who then in Saskatchewan?

In my opinion, and for the reasons stated above, the Prairie Freedom Alliance Party has the right idea and is taking steps required to succeed. After discussing the party and its ambitions with co-founder Jake Wall, I have to say that their chances appear to be most viable of all the groups on social media. You can contact them at:

What’s the difference between PFAP and other groups? People have an opportunity to support what they say they want. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that at some point one has to do more than hit “Like”. If you’re serious, just do it.

They can be found on Facebook too by searching for Prairie Freedom Alliance Party.

Do it.


11 thoughts on “The Prairie Freedom Alliance Party

  1. Actually, SASKATOON is the “largest center” in the province with a population of 300,000. It’s been the largest city for a decade or more. Most Canadians seem to know about Regina as it is on the Trans Canada Highway, while Saskatoon is farther North and is on the less known Yellowhead Highway.

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  2. As a member of PFAP I know this is do-able. I also know that we are making all the right moves to bring our task to fruition. The attitude is “can do” and we are all pulling in the right direction. The party-politics of old are about to evaporate in our Province, and a new way of managing our affairs to the utmost benefit of our people will always be a guiding principle.


  3. I too am a member of PFAP. With he recent decision to pull back a bit and focus on educating the people of Sask as to why independence is a good thing, I believe that it will help in the future of the party. Most do not realize that they system can not be fixed, especially on a federal level. With the representation in government favouring the Eastern provinces, the west is an after thought. Good article and supports everything I have been saying for a long time now.


  4. If they are unwilling to remove a tent from the legislature grounds in Wascana, if they cannot remove illegal blockades after court orders have been issued….

    Then how does the clarity act bear any relevance in a post rational, and post rule of law “country”?

    Declaration of


    • I assume you’re speaking about the native protests. It is a point of contention to be sure, one that is sure to carry on for some time. My personal view is that if any level of government will not enforce the laws they are constitutionally required to then they are not fit to govern. Political correctness is destroying our country. As a separatist, to me this is good news but the ramifications of this unrest and lackadaisical attitudes risk being with us long after independence. The Clarity Act is what it is, there is little we can do about it, even if the Federal Government is absolving itself from enforcing the law. Reason being that even if we attempted secession as private citizens our elected leaders, certainly in Alberta and Saskatchewan are committed nationalists and would not hesitate to crush us. Plus the PR impact would be spun to be negative to the max. I know, it all makes no sense but that’s the world we live in, so let’s deal with things how they are, not as how we would like them to be. Thanks for your comment.


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