Our Prime Minister was in Calgary recently and the western welcome he got was so reminiscent of past visits by his dad. Well over a thousand people showed up to let him know exactly what the West thinks and he was quite taken aback by the less than cordial welcome. What? No good selfie opportunities?

I suspect there were stern words for his handlers when he got back to Ottawa. He wasted the day in Calgary cranking out the same tired, meaningless platitudes to business leaders and anyone that would listen. It wasn’t a pretty sight. One would think he’s gotten the message by now, but never fear, Justin Trudeau never gives the West a moment’s thought unless he’s planning a ski holiday in Whistler.

And then, as if he couldn’t possibly do worse, he declares that he will sign the Global Compact for Migration, essentially handing over Canada’s borders to the unelected UN. You know, the UN, where despots and dictators run such things as the UN Human Rights Council, with such exemplary members like Afghanistan, Angola, China, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iraq, Pakistan, Rwanda, among others.

But he really has nothing much to fear, certainly not from Albertans or any Westerners for that matter. He has the next election covered. It’s in the proverbial bag. Here’s why.

The East.

The Liberals are still strong where it matters, that being the Maritimes, Quebec and parts of Ontario. They can be expected to vote pretty much as they did in 2015.

The Media

Well, what can I say that hasn’t been more eloquently said? The media has allowed itself to be bought by the Liberals to the tune of 600 million dollars. Evidence of what that buys is not hard to find in recent headlines where the Global Compact for Migration is heralded as a wonderful thing for Canada. After all, we are the “first post national state”, aren’t we? And it is non-binding so there’s nothing to fret about. That is…until you read it.



The US under Trump is fiercely protectionist and his “America First” policies usually mean Canada second or even Canada third when Mexico is counted. Our Foreign Minister, who likes to appear at negotiations and official events like she’s ready to zip to the singles club right after, has negotiated an agreement that simply proves the Liberals are neither adept nor interested in representing the interests of Canada.  We can expect to see more repercussions of this disaster in the future. GM anyone?


Maxime Bernier’s PPC (People’s Party of Canada) is full of contradictions. I must admit that I have admired Bernier since I met him in Nanaimo several years ago. And many of the ideas he proposes are actually well thought out and badly needed in Canada. However his sense of timing is so far off one can only surmise that he is secretly employed by the Liberal Party. At time of writing, he now has representation in about 2/3 of ridings in Canada. This indicates solid interest in his proposals, mainly from disgruntled Conservatives who see Mr. Scheer as a soft target for Trudeau. I don’t think the PPC will make much headway in electing MPs but enough votes will be taken from the Conservatives to ensure another term for Justin Trudeau.

Immigrant voting

Liberals, or “progressives”, despite all their sanctimonious talk of standing up for democracy, are probably the most devious and underhanded group in Canada.  Why would Justin Trudeau open Canada’s borders to illegals? Why would he revise voting rules so that virtually anyone can vote? Why would Justin sign a document that vaporizes Canada’s borders?

I sincerely hope that I am very much wrong in my ramblings. But as I see it from my perch, observing the folly of the world and Canada in particular, it is more than ever looking like the West must make some headway towards saving ourselves from this quagmire called Canada.

Think about it.

4 thoughts on “Watching…

  1. I do not trust Handy Andy Scheer , he seems to have no back bone, and sounds weak on policies, but that being said I know he’s not best choice, but is the only option, we can’t even risk splitting the vote to the point of having 4 more years of Justine at the helm. This is why we the People of Alberta need a strong leader. It would have been better; I think to see someone like the Big Rig Ford as a choice, but maybe in 4.75 years.

    Jason Kenny I like you, but you have been a lifelong politician, and I don’t trust politicians. Because most can’t be trusted or given me a reason too. I think you speak with a forked tongue, we will see. You Mr. Kenny, want my vote ! Man Up. Publicly promise the Great People of Alberta – 4 things – {1} a referendum vote to see if they want to stay within Canada, and let the Alberta people decide. {2} Scrap the carbon tax {3} if we stay – launch a notwithstanding challenge to bury some pipe in the ground coast to coast {4} restructuring of the equalization calculations. Not only would have my vote, you’d have earned my respect and respect of majority in Alberta.
    I am not saying to push a separatist movement, but to let Alberta’s people decide our fate. I know I will hear from Tides funded Eco Nuts on the West Coast and from all the Libtards east of Manitoba on how Alberta is land locked, which is true we are. Here is what I would like them and all Canadians to know. We maybe land locked, but the rest of Canada would go broke without Alberta , Saskatchewan’s royalties & equalization payments long before Alberta or Saskatchewan ever did. Canada would no longer have the third largest proven oil reserves in the world that would be an honor Alberta and Saskatchewan now would hold on that list. That alone brings a pretty big stroke with that title. Don’t you anti pipeline / oil zealots think for one second that the USA would not pay trillions to have the title to hold over the world. Never mind the other riches within Alberta with agriculture, forestry, pork and beef. So to all the great people of Canada from cost to coast. Watching Alberta and Saskatchewan get through this down turn mess. While Quebec’s and British Columbia Premier’s pound the chest and tell you, never ever will pipelines be built. While YOUR self appointed Libtard Messiah and his band of crayon munchers twiddle their thumbs on real Canadian issues. While trying to sell Canada out to the UN. We out West don’t want your free handouts, because nothing is truly free when comes from the Government. What we want is some support. You just may wake up one day to find Alberta is holding referendum vote. Only then will you find the true difference between 51 and 49 % .Then it just may too late. I do know this, Albertan’s are pissed and things will have to change in Ottawa. Alberta has been through this before and always risen to the occasion. Our lives in Alberta will be economically challenging for the next little while. But we are a tough resilient bunch. Nothing like that Monday to Thursday 9 to 5, Bay Street crowd. So my fellow Canadians and the good people of Quebec, I know my family’s lifestyle will change, but only temporarily. You can quote me on this “Alberta will prosper again WITH or WITHOUT Canada”, sounds a little arrogant, but folks don’t get arrogance mixed up with confidence. I grew up on the prairies and know the hard working people of Alberta; they will always rise to the challenge
    Alberta Proud
    Terry Blacquier

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    • Thanks for your well thought out comments. Bear in mind, as I addressed in a past post, that there are many forms of victory in a bid for independence. All one has to do is look at Quebec. Every time separation rose to the surface in a serious way, Ottawa acquiesced and bingo, Quebec has more power. They are now in a position to control the federal government and can actually veto projects of national importance and benefit. Not bad for a province that has yet to sign on the Canadian Constitution! It’s like being governed by Oklahoma!

      Thanks again!


  2. I like everything about Bernier except his postal code. Since movements for Western Seperation are currently so fractious (40 plus and counting) Bernier is our best hope for true co servitive and princpaled leadership with respect to the West. Scheer is a a self described “centerist” whose fundamental conservitive princpals (f you can call them that ) are flexable if not for sale for votes. He will pander to where the votes are and that is not in the West

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    • Thanks for your comment! Until independence is realized, politics in Canada require approval of the centre. It’s infuriating, but real politics always is.

      Thanks again!


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