Are you for real?

I don’t have Veteran’s plates on my truck or my car. I don’t wear anything that identifies me as a veteran. I am often asked why. Am I not proud of my service? 27 years in the Army, isn’t that something to brag about?

No. Not because I am not proud or that my service was any more or less than any other vet. I have my share of aches, pains and memories, some that make me smile and some that wake me at night. I don’t indulge in any of the visual signs because what? Because I know who I am and for me, that’s what’s important. I suppose that statement might not sit well with some and they are indeed entitled to their opinion but this is a personal choice.

A choice.

At some points in our lives we must all make a choice of some form or another. Some are as simple as what drink to have or clothes to wear. Some are complicated and some are life altering. It’s choices like these that have the deepest consequences.

I’ve spoken about the confusing array of groups and figures all purporting to be in favour of Western independence. Some have indulged in fights amongst themselves over names, territory, authority, money, who speaks for what and who. And surrounding this are, if Facebook groups are to be believed, tens of thousands of people who simply want to know what is going on and want to see tangible progress. You know, things they can point to in real life and say, “Look at that! It’s really happening!”

So far, they can only point to media talking heads that pay lip service to “western discontent” and the extraordinarily rare politician who includes independence as a threat in his platform. Although commendable that any politicians might speak of it with a semblance of sincerity, it shows very little to the common man wanting to be free.

It’s time to be serious and start. This is not a proposal; it is a call to action. I ask for tangible commitment not words.

I am not asking to lead anything, I am asking to facilitate and where necessary, arbitrate. We must provide a tangible, united front for all to see and we need to do it soon. Here is what I would like to see…

A weekend meeting in Medicine Hat, Alberta at a hotel with conference facilities. Participants would arrive the Friday and leave Sunday evening or Monday morning. Why Medicine Hat? Because it is well located between eastern BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. But more importantly because nearly all of the participants will be inconvenienced to attend. Nothing builds a team spirit like a little adversity.

What are the aims? Very simply, to emerge as a united front with common purpose, mutual support and an organizational framework. This will require some discussion, cussing, suggestions and voting. All of which is well within our capabilities. Near the end, the media will be allowed to cover our efforts and with any luck at all, they will give us the positive exposure we need to be taken seriously.

When? Mid April is a good time. Off season rates, reasonable weather, and the days are longer than 10 minutes.

I will need a few volunteers to help, especially if they live in Medicine Hat.

Cost? Ah therein lies the rub. Participants will be required to pay for their own expenses such as travel, meals, hotel, and incidentals. And all participants will be required to provide a set amount per person to pay for conference facilities and any expenses that may arise from it. I don’t expect this to be a huge amount. Consider it as admission to a show where you are a cast member (hopefully not a drama).

So, are you for real? Do you have what it takes to be a founding father? Can we do it?

I am asking for names and agenda items. Those that will attend and if you can volunteer let me know when you email. The list will be kept confidential as we must keep in mind that we are being watched. The email address is:

Submissions will be accepted until the end of January. At that point we’ll see what comes next.

13 thoughts on “Are you for real?

  1. I’ll be there Peter!
    It’s time!
    Your post caused me to have a little flash if poetic inspiration!
    “A Brand New Nation of Our Owy Creation!” 😊


  2. This is very good. Many people are looking for leadership in a movement of this nature. Many of us are tired of the rants. I am hearing the desire to remove the west from confederation, is that correct. Are there legal experts who are willing to participate in this because without their help and support it will be difficult. Also a common sense agenda which I sort of here is part of the plan. Am I correct? Do not know how much I could contribute as I am older and finances are a deterrent as is cost of travel. All of which could be planned for. It will be a long road to separation if that is the direction you foresee


    • Thank you for your input, Connie. Rants have their place but after a while it just turns into hot air. Independence is indeed the goal and it will be a difficult road ahead. As to the involvement of experts, at the moment all I am trying to do is gauge the grassroots support for such an undertaking, we can go the next step later. Actual independence, when all is considered, will likely be a multi year process. In order for this to happen smoothly, a coordinating body needs to be established. Again, thank you for your input, everyone does whatever they can and together we will prevail.


  3. There is a separatist movement already started by the name of the Alberta independence party. They are over 2,000 strong and have already registered as a official party. They have over 44 future MLA s. So instead of starting another separatist party why not join the AIP. For more information, go to their website.


    • Hi Don, thank you for your contact. Does the AIP concern itself with what’s happening in Saskatchewan? Manitoba? BC? Perhaps I am somewhat misguided but I thought the goal is for an independent West. Am I wrong? Is Alberta going to treat the other Western provinces like Canada has treated Alberta?

      Perhaps you could shed some light on this, I’m sure readers would like to know.


      • The Clarity Act states that each province must hold a SEPARATE referendum and vote to enter into negotiations with Canada (i.e. Brexit). Only after each has successfully gained independence can they unite to form a separate country. Yes, it will be a long, drawn out transition but well worth it. I believe there is already a SK Independence Party forming.


      • I am VERY familiar with the Clarity Act and have written quite a bit on it. It appears to me that you’ve missed the point of the post. You’ve no doubt heard the old adage than many hands make for light work? At the moment there are numerous groups in each province vying for the same thing. Much of this duplication of effort could be better directed to a single entity in each province, right? Sadly, much of this needless, wasted effort is simply because of grudges, bun fights and differences in approach. When viewed from outside the West, the impression is, “Why should we take these hicks seriously when they can’t even get their own act together?”

        The aim is to enact and run a coordination of efforts in each province. It is NOT to create a new party, NOT to make me boss, NOT to belittle anyone at any time. But…

        Have you ever noticed that when the anti oil protestors suddenly show up at a pipeline site there are many groups represented and many people all of a sudden and all singing the same tune? Notice how much coverage they get? Notice how seriously they are taken? Wonder why?

        Because the are coordinated.

        Separation is not the major pain it is represented to be. In fact you would hardly notice any changes until you apply for a passport or renew your driver’s license. But, like anything worthwhile doing, it is worth doing right. If everyone wants to go it alone, it may get done, MAY. But the chances of success for everyone is greater if we have a united front that everyone can see.

        Sorry for the long reply.



      • Separation has to be each province on its own. Once that would happen then negotiations could begin to join forces. And no Alberta will not treat the rest of the western provinces The Way Ottowa has treated the West. We are not that mean and hurtful and uncaring.
        Each province has to go it alone to start with. Those are the rules and that’s what we have to play by.


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