Are you for real? Part 2

Just a quick followup on my last post. After a week, there have been exactly 4, yes four, replies saying they would attend such a meeting.

Well, 5 if you count me.

So let’s just say the question has been answered quite plainly and move on. The offer is withdrawn, I’ll leave the bun fights and turf wars to carry on and it looks like a mighty portion of the 40 thousand supporters on over 22 Facebook groups are largely tepid air.

I do hope independence comes in my lifetime but at this point I seriously doubt it. I noticed some lamentations on the Yellow Vest group that nobody shows up to protest how Canada is going. Well, maybe people don’t really care or perhaps they don’t want to have to do anything…or maybe it’s just the weather.

I am going to take a break for a while. Have fun all! Enjoy the internet!

5 thoughts on “Are you for real? Part 2

  1. Perhaps the old French philosopher had it right

    “Every nation gets the government it deserves. w:Joseph de … Quotes about Joseph de Maistre”


  2. I am not able to attend your formational? meeting in Medicine Hat. I live in Welland Ontario plus I am in Florida for the winter. I was born and raised in Sask. and support the west and believe your efforts will be rewarded. I believe that most Canadians know that Canada, under its current framework and particularly the Trudeau Government ; is not working. Fundamental changes must occur; for example you see it in the Yellow vest and Truck convoy protests. 2019 is an important year ; Alberta election; Federal election.The Alberta election seems clear that the PCs will get in under Jason Kenney. The Federal election result is not clear what the outcome will be at this stage.Its also clear that Canadians are starting to understand the destruction that the liberals are doing to Canada; and particularly the west. Should Trudeau retain power through all the corrupt changes he is making re voting ; media …etc. than I believe all hell will break lose and a constitutional crisis will result. This is what your efforts will provide a thoughtful basis for the West and its future path, Your work will be needed to have a basis for a referendum in Alberta/west. My view is that shortly after Jason gets elected; he SHOULD prepare for and conduct a referendum before or at the federal election to give Alberta/west a mandate to negotiate a new framework for the west role within Confederation. If that fails (history shows it will) than separation would be the next step.

    Its hard to go from the current situation to separation in 1 step; unless there is great backlash from the Canadian Fed election. You are doing great thoughtful work. Do not be discouraged. Your prep work is necessary for preparing a basis for a referendum in the west on its future direction.


    • Thank you for your contact, Maurice. I rarely get such glowing words of encouragement such as yours. And so I believe that as long as folks like you are around we will prevail. Enjoy the winter away, Florida is great this time of year!


  3. I witnessed the birth of the AIP as it was stolen from an active party in the making , The Interim leader ran around spreading lies , deceit and innuendo . This chump first leeched onto the Alberta Independence Party , Alberta Independence Movement , Western Independence Party of Alberta , After causing a ruckus and betrayed the WIPA group , he bounced into the newly formed AIP , betrayed that start up group with lies and innuendo , In a few short weeks he caused a split with those two groups he leeched onto , then tried snuggling up with Derek Hildebrandt and the AFP and once his sordid little history was revealed , he tried to weasel his way into the AAP . Built party policy off the backs of the previous parties he stole their basic platforms . I watched this guy boast to everything up to and including helping Noah build the Ark . Burned so many people , I would not trust this political doppleganger of Justin Trudeau and his pseudo separatist party as far as , well you know . You know that feeling you get when something is just not right ? not only myself but others as well had no trust in this chump , and we were right .


    • Thank you for your input! All of us have a story to tell and many times it’s not a kind one. Although past history is important, it is not the sole determining factor of what is now or what can be in the future. I suspect that virtually all political parties have, in some fashion, left debris behind them as they make their way to success or abject failure.

      I understand that the old adage by Abraham Lincoln is right, “You can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but one cannot please all of the people all of the time.” Let’s deal with the here and now since an election is looming, there will be time for discussion and the clearing of air after.

      It’s not a clean and clear cut affair for ideas to become something different than what was envisioned by the originator. Sorry this happened to you and I hope it hasn’t tainted your zeal for independence.

      Again, thanks for your input. Keep the faith,



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