Alberta Independence Party

I lived in Calgary for about eleven years, Edmonton for 5. My Mom and sister live in Calgary. Alberta holds a special place in my being. I lived through Pierre Trudeau’s National Energy Program and knew of people who lost their jobs, their homes, their families and more. We are now suffering through yet another Trudeau and if some polls are to be believed, he may have another term. Although I now live on Vancouver Island, I go back to Alberta at least several times a year. There’s no place like it.

As The Polite Separatist, I am often approached to give my take on various things as they apply to Western independence. Sometimes it’s a positive comment, sometimes not, but always appreciated as it broadens my view of situations facing Westerners today, be it political, social, logistical or as a prognosticator (crystal ball time).  Many times I feel I can give an honest assessment because I am familiar with the issue in question. Other times I am not quite sure but will give it a good stab. On occasion I am just plain wrong but thankfully I am usually the first to admit it. Being wrong is always a good opportunity to learn and hopefully not make the same mistake again.

I’ve been asked to speak about the Alberta Independence Party which is fielding candidates in the upcoming Alberta provincial elections. Everyone knows the NDP simply has to go, it’s a given. No party has done so much harm to a place with so much going for it since…well, ever!

The AIP espouses an uncompromising commitment to Alberta independence. Of course many groups do but I don’t think I have seen many with an organizational edge that they do. The Interim Party Leader, David Bjorkman, has a solid team that is well organized along the areas of specialization required to mount a serious political endeavor. I have long said that independence cannot be achieved via a one man show. It takes many to cover all the tasks and responsibilities that lend credibility to a party.

A good look at the AIP policy platform reveals something for everyone and is balanced in its approach. How long it will take to bring about these changes is anyone’s guess. Naturally, a successful election run followed by an equally successful referendum is the prerequisite to independence.

So, am I endorsing the AIP? Good question indeed! Independence has to have a starting point and of the groups I have seen in Alberta, the AIP looks to be better prepared than the rest of the field and that in itself is its own endorsement.

They need candidates in the Calgary ridings! ALL hands to action stations! Now is the time, it always has been but now the future is calling to you. If you can be a person of action with the desire to make Alberta a place where others aspire to be like. If you really care about the future of our descendants. If you want to contribute instead of allowing others to make your future without your say… Then perhaps you are the one that is needed to bring Calgary into the an independent future.

Give it a good look, the website is,

The time is now. Are you up to it?

2 thoughts on “Alberta Independence Party

  1. Hey I feel I could have wrote some parts of this letter as I too live on the Island but it is my daughter son in law and grandkids in Calgary ..I am from Regina and am moving back there in fall ..there is no place like the prairies..I wish to ask ..when you talk about separating is that just Alberta?


    • When I speak of independence I’m talking Western independence. Sadly we have the Clarity Act to deal with and so it has to be done piecemeal, one province at a time. Saskatchewan has good independence groups running, you might want to check them out. Thank you so much for your input and best of luck in your future in the prairies!



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